Bipolar vs schizophrenia

Who do you think functions better a schizophrenic or a person with bipolar?

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Generally speaking I would say bipolar. My brother in law is bipolar and functions extremely well. But I suppose to some extent it depends on the severity of the illness.

My bipolar disorder is pretty severe plus I have OCD and anxiety.
But usually speaking people with bipolar disorder function better than those afflicted with a schizophrenia diagnosis.

I personally don’t function all that well and I have bipolar disorder.

It all depends.

Why do you think people with bipolar function better

That’s what the experts say but again it all depends.

It really just depends on the person. Everyone’s illness is different in severity, and their compliance with treatment can make a huge difference too. So you can get someone with sz who takes meds and functions very well in society much better than the bipolar person who doesn’t comply with treatment and is constantly hospitalized due to it. Or you can have a schizophrenic who has treatment resistant illness and thus even though they are treatment compliant can’t function well.

I don’t like to ask what is worse x terrible thing or x terrible thing. You shouldn’t make a competition out of suffering, pure and simple.


My sza bipolar type can get pretty tough. Manias often feel great at the time but after I’m left picking up the pieces and am filled with regret. Usually it ends in a horrible depression. In some ways the bipolar part is worse.


I think bipolar people usually function better.

I agree with @FatMama that the bipolar part of sza makes sza worse than sz a lot of times.


Why are you asking such questions?

Schizophrenia and bipolar are both debilitating illnesses.

It’s not a competition.


I just wanted to know who functions better I did not mean to make it a competition of any sort


it depends from person to person… some people with sz do well and some with bipolar also do well… but even with that there is people with all the illnesses that can’t live a normal life.

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Again, statistically speaking, those people with bipolar disorder tend to function better over those affected with a schizophrenia disorder.

BUT nothing is set in stone.

It depends on the individual person and their circumstances.

As an example my current diagnosis is bipolar disorder and there are a bunch of people diagnosed with schizophrenia on this forum that function a lot better than me.

They are capable of working, they are involved in romantic relationships and are capable of socializing freely.

Things I am incapable of doing myself.

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If you are doing “too good” you were misdiagnosed and they’ll change you from schizoaffective to bipolar.

Sometimes it’s vice versa.


I think the problem is working out what each persons baseline potential is/was, as well as what each persons functional necessities are in their own situation

For some people having a paper cut is the end of the world, whilst some with illnesses like Schizophrenia can keep going unfazed by it

Your question is too simple to answer as it depends on a lot of things, and expectations placed on someone

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