Bipolar to Schizophrenia diagnosis? Life altering event

What are my chances of having a bad drug trip (substance induced psychosis) and then getting schizo-affective disorder from having type 2 bipolar disorder? Is this possible? What are the odds or chances? Has this been studied? Is is possible I’m misdiagnosed or I got a worse case of bipolar disorder? In my whole 9+ years of illness, I never had physical or visual hallucinations, but had hypnogogic hallucinations a few years back when really stressed out (mild sounds while falling alseep) on low dose risperdal or no meds at all while living with my dad. Thoughts? I don’t hallucinate. I believe I have trauma because my first psychologist said I had acute stress disorder (I think he diagnosed me) and then said the Monsters were making me sick (I know, I should quit them). Then my delusions are turning out to be less delusional and crazy and more true but still out there. Like I believe in aliens, ufos, time travel, simulation theory, conspiracy theories, cloning, transhumanism, etc.

Thoughts? I take meds and will continue to take Vraylar. I just don’t know how to cope without energy drinks. My life is missing without them. I feel like if I quit, it would be startling and completely life altering since I’ve been on them so long and so much over the years. I’m like mentally and genetically wired and altered differently now.

I still have no motivation or drive or energy. I’m not really depressed, but my doctor said the psychological aspect of my illness could cause no motivation. I also read bipolar patients with severe trauma can show no motivation, so there’s that.

I have planning and executive problems and cognitive issues but that can be bipolar too. I’ve never had a severe thought disorder or none I can think of either. I can still drive and stuff but I limit it. I can talk and speak and look and act normally. I just dress disheveled and have poor hygiene. I feel the doctors are lazy and crappy and ill - equipped to diagnose me correctly.

Any opinions or help with regards to this? The treatment is the same, but I feel like I got the short end of the stick like a lot of guys in my situation. I’ve been hospitalized a lot.

My diagnosis switches from bipolar to schizoaffective and back again.
It’s all the same.


I honestly think if I quit the drinks (one therapist said it could be a ingredient inside like an allergic reaction) I would have less symptoms or delusions or thought disorder and mood swings and hence look more bipolar and less schizophrenia. Just a thought and theory I guess. But I would feel weird inside. I always thought or suspected I had ADHD and the drinks relax me and give me uplifted mood and energy sometimes. It gets me out of the house too, but then it costs all my money. It’s become a problem. I’m hoping my new puppy/dog can help me with therapy and anxiety and get my attention off the drinks once and for all.

Yeah quitting the booze would help you I’m sure.

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Maybe get prescribed adhd meds instead to quit the energy drinks?

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My apologies were you talking about alcohol or energy drinks @anon28145038?

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Quitting the energy drinks would be better for your overall health also.

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You could try quitting very slowly to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

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Ya. I just drink energy drinks, no alcohol, but it’s just as expensive and serious for me. No worries :smiley:

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My apologies @anon28145038
Good luck on quitting the energy drinks.
It’s a good move.

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