Bipolar recovery is not fiar

Is apathy and anhedonia permenent because i am loosing my all friends and my life and i dont go out of my house because i dont feel anything, i have an appiontment with my doctor on monday , i am so worried is that permenent ,i just dont enjoy anything in my life and i cant love, from about 2 days i had 3 days of anxiety from this ■■■■ vitamin neurobion i did not sleep well for 3 days, i am 15 years years old,wright now i play video games but i dont enjoy nothing and i feel that everything is boring and easy

You seem like you could use some sleep. That’s important for someone your age. You’ll run into more problems later on in the future. It’s vital.

You’re really young. The friends you have now would have left you at some point anyway regardless of illness. It’s part of growing up.

One day you’ll feel like getting out of the house and getting involved in something and then you’ll make better friends.

I wouldn’t encourage you to just play video games all day though, you’re kind of feeding the condition. Just try doing something small like going to a class once a week. Go to the library and browse the books and just enjoy the silence.

Recovery doesn’t just happen. It takes a lot of really hard work and forcing yourself to do things that you may not necessarily want to do to begin with, but you’ll find it gets easier with time.

I also recommend journalling your symptoms. It makes like easier for your pdoc.

Do you see a therapist? Maybe CBT would help you. Maybe you should look up some positive self affirmations to make your daily mantra.

Envision the life you want and start working on it while you’re still young enough to do it.


Call your doctor and tell him or her that you haven’t slept in three days. This is very important. They would want to know.

Life is not fiar with mental illness if i stay like thay i would commit siuside because this is not me , i am the opposite of that personality

Make sure to mention your issues with low dopamine at the appointment, he may prescribe a stimulant if it isn’t contraindicated for your illness. Keep doing reasearch online, also maybe write or type a note with all your symptoms which you can read off of.

Yesterday i have wrote a note of all my symtoms

Where are you from @mazz?

I am from Lebanon


Anhedonia is from anxiety and anxiety caused me high blood pressure and now i feel high blood pressure in my head , but it is decreasing day by day after a good sleep night

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