Bipolar + Psychotic Features?

How many of you went from Does Bipolar + Psychotic Features to SZA Bipolar over some period of time? Or Schizotypal + Bipolar to SZA Bipolar? What caused the change in the diagnosis?

i went from bipolar with psychotic features to schizoaffective bipolar type. the reason, is because i had stayed up like a week and went crazy when i was diagnosed with bipolar, that looked like bipolar. but then i later went crazy when it wasn’t associated with a mood problem, so that looked like schizophrenia. i still have manic-y feelings too, so it looks like schizoaffective.

I was diagnosed with both disorders over the years.

Diagnosis often changes over time. Most people here have had different ones and it depends on treatment and the course of the disorder. Most important is medication treatment. That is our technology at present.


the treatment is largely similar for bp with psychosis and sza.


I was diagnosed schizoaffective and then sxhizoaffective bi polar type and then when I was hospitalized a year and a half ago it changed to bi polar I dunno I hear voices and am obnoxious and hostile off meds and but I don’t need a mood stabilizer. I take 10 mg haldol and my mood is fine. I have delusions of persecution and delusions of grandeur I don’t think the diagnosis matters I’m a lunatic off meds and I take my meds and I’m fine and a really nice guy when stable. I’m extremely charismatic and charming off meds and I could convince doctors of the craziest stuff and they believe it for some reason. I always thought I had severe histrionic personality disorder mixed with psychosis but like I said diagnosis doesn’t matter.


I was first diagnosed with bipolar then sza then sz. After my relapse I was again diagnosed with bipolar and then sz before it was changed to sza

Why it was sza and not bipolar is because sometimes I had psychosis without mood element, but not always just psychosis (like as in sz) but with mood element as well

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