Bipolar people

When did you start to figure out that you had problem? Did you resist the idea at all?

I haven’t been diagnosed as bipolar, but I have my suspicions. Sometimes I feel like I’m not entirely forthcoming about my mood symptoms because I’m a little resistant to the idea.

I take risperidone, which helps quite a bit with my mood already.


My diagnosis changed in 1992 from paranoid schizophrenia to schizo affective bi polar type. My first episode and hospitalization was in 1987. My first manic high was in 1992. It burned me out quickly.


I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder on and off for years.
I had major mood swings since I was a kid.

I’m currently diagnosed with schizoaffective mixed type.

I get frequent mixed episodes


I’ve always known I had a mood problem


When i was 23. Also when i had a 6+ month psychosis episode.

It was blatantly obvious and I was told to see a psychiatrist asap and they said i was exuding symptoms of bipolar.


Thanks everyone. What is a manic episode like? Sometimes I’ll feel a rush of energy that might be mania-like, but it only lasts a few hours. Could that be a manic episode?

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It could be lots of energy but also grandiose ideas, rapid rapid thoughts and stuff.

That would be hypomania.

A Mania would be that plus hallucinations and delusions and stuff.


So mania usually involes psychotic symptoms? So its basically a high energy version of psychosis then i guess?
Ive been manic a few times and i gotta say, theres nothing quite as good as that feeling when its good.
I was like naturally feeling like i took a bunch of mdma.


Yeah its fun until it goes bad. And it can go real bad lol.


I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.
I quit APs and mood stabilizers two months ago.
No symptoms are yet to come.


Get back on your meds, is my recommendation, @moshtaba2 .

5 years of schizophrenia (risperdal) then 2 years ago ive been having mood swings then it is getting worse. I think i should tell my doc about my mood swings. Ive been on mood stabilizers this year.


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