Bipolar DX

Inner ear vestibular is a window open on psychiatric condition. A few years ago I worked in a school restaurant. It was stressfull and not adapted job. After 3 years I was overstressed and close to burnout : I started having balance disorder. I felt I gonna fall or as if I was on a boat with roll and pitch. Doctors investigate brain and spine with no results. Trouble disapeared when I leaved the job and stress went down to normal. For me it is clear that psychiatric condition and stress can affect inner ear vestibular and balance function.

Stress is a huge factor in bipolar and it’s difficult because as it builds up you become less resistant to it, creating a cycle of triggers that spirale out of control.

I’m glad I have more insight now that I did in the past

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It would be great if they could devise a test to distinguish between bipolar and clinical depression. Now if they could just come up with tests to distinguish between sz and sza, and sza and bipolar.