Bipolar but never manic?

New pdoc suggests I am either bipolar or inbetween schizophrenic but I have never had a manic episode. I only met with him for an hour but now I am confused.

How can he try and give you a Dx (even suggest) after only a one hour meeting with you?


you could have hypomania is a bit like mania but not as full blown.

My pdoc thinks I might be bipolar too. But I have no mania, only depressions. She is trying to put me on Lithium but I refuse that.

Is he suggesting or saying? If it is a hypothesis then that is ok after an hour, but if he is starting to act like it is a fact, run. I had extensive testing done to confirm my sz and I don’t think someone can tell things like mental illness in just an hour. The doctor might recognize it, but I think you really need time to be sure.

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hypomania or mania needs to be in the picture, in order for a bipolar dx to be made

I hear voices, but meds are good, but I have also realized I have bipolar disorder. Sometimes my spirit is very high like flying and then sometimes I am depressed with real depressive thoughts. I understand this and I try to keep myself somewhere between. Need to talk about this in my next psych meeting.

I had a similar experience. I went for a second opinion and in one sitting he told me I had schizoaffective, not schizophrenia. Because I was too independent and high functioning to have schizophrenia. Not true at all.