Bipolar bipolar bipolar

Is bipolar all chemical or is it pattern chaos in childhood?

It could be either or both.

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What are you saying?
It is similar to schizophrenia.

Biological and environmental


I think it’s more environmental than biological similar to addiction. You gotta have this capacity for it and there is thresholds different for all people. It’s genetic in the sense that you inherit similar thresholds. It could be environment at any stage in life. A break up a trauma could be an environmental factor. Most of does stem from childhood though. There could be people that are born with higher thresholds toward that capacity. In those people it could make me born an addict in a sense. I’m pretty sure it’s not biological that’s just a storage place for it or info input and output. A lot of times with therapy you can alter that. Meds are just a band aid most of the time and a solution sometimes. What I mean is schizophrenia the only I believe unfixable mental illness of the ones I know of maybe bipolar. If you have a mental illness that is fixable you shouldn’t take meds forever. You only use a bandaid until you heal yourself. I think the problems with meds long term and maybe even short term that they change the brain so much you cant fix a fixable mental illness. In other words if your like me with sz we need to take our meds. I’m on a mission to eradicate the psychiatrist field of work jk Hahahaha I’m hahaha :stuck_out_tongue: some people shout down with the bourgeoise I shout down with psychiatrists. They have historically done some horrible ■■■■. Psychology related but still.

What difference does it make if it is environmental or genetic?

I presume in most cases medications are needed regardless. Even if it is completely related to the environment, how much of the environment is in our control?


No bipolar disorder is also genetic.
One has to be predisposed to the faulty genes.


i think what you are talking about is the age old question of “nature vs nurture”, there is a good video on it from Crash Course on youtube

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