Biology - Poem


I want to cure your cancer, and I wish I was as smart as you

I want to find better answers, now that I know the truth

I want to hear your voices, because I see you when I dream

I want to see the future, more than a backwards beam

I want to control the world, to free my generation

I want to free the world, from a controlled demolition

I want to free my mind, from the medicated madness

I want to free my soul, so I don’t drown in sadness

I want to know how to save you, to lead you through

I want to be able to concentrate on more than fate and war

I want to love me for who I am, start to give a damn

I want to love you for who you are, understand the star.

I know you are sorry

I want to believe you

I sometimes worry

when what I believe starts coming true

the impossible too.


Did you write this poem?

Yes I wrote this poem a few days ago. :slight_smile:

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If you click the link beside the name you can read all my poems online for free.

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That’s a great poem !

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I like it, it’s sincere

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Writing to me is healing thank you <3

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