BIOLOGY MAJORS if any please answer this question!

A person in my group is trans gender, they’ve been told multiple times it isn’t a mental illness by their Pdoc (they are being treated for bi polar depression)

Someone told them that their gender is determined the moment of conception, that the very second Sperm meets Egg, you are either male or female.

I pose to you this question, is that true? or, like I learned in COLLEGE, the fetus does not become male or female until a certain point in development (one of my biology profs said it was around week 12-15, the other said closer to week 6…)

I ask because this question is making me nuts because I find legit references that say BOTH, maybe its my inner mania kicking in, but I really want to know, not only for my group friend’s sake but for mine!

As far as I remember females have two X chromosomes and males have xy chromosomes. Females eggs only have X chromosomes were as sperm can either have an X or a Y chromosome.

Therefore if an X egg meets a y sperm that fertilised egg is male from that initial moment.

Now however this foetus is starts its development looking like a female until a hormone (can’t remember which) causes the development of male phenotype. This hormone is linked to the Y chromosome.

So put simply someone is destined to become male from the first moment the egg and sperm meet but they take a while to look male.

see that is what half the articles say, but apparently they’ve done tests in Europe that show a fetus at the 5 week mark having a XX, but the same fetus at the 8 week mark was XY, and that in women with high levels of testosterone in their systems will birth a male child, even if the fetus was determined female by amnio fluid testing at the 12 week mark.

I just find the vastly different findings of so many studies (all of them perfectly reproduced by other scientific teams) yet no one can give a definite answer.

my brain is melting with it…

Interesting - never heard of that. I wonder if that’s why some women only have boys?

It’s a moot point anyways. Chromosomes have nothing to do with gender expression, as far as science can tell. And no, being trans is not a mental illness, though the social stigma can cause mental illnesses to develop.

Just a few comments from the friendly neighborhood feminazi.

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my personal opinion is, People are who they are, I don’t care what color their skin is, or what gender they identify as, or which gender they prefer as a partner, don’t force your life on me, and have no issue with you…

which is why I HATE groups like the extreme catholic groups, who shove the bible down peoples throats…or you know beat them to death with it…

my group friend is a kind young man (woman transgender, meaning he was born a girl) he doesn’t judge others, but is very sensitive, hes my age, but acts younger. very kind in a way that makes anyone who knows him hurt every time he gets harassed…but he just smiles and nods and goes on his way, bottles it up inside…I invited him out for a fishing trip next week, along with me, my Roommate and my best friend. Neither has an issue with this, my best friend’s oldest child is a lesbian, so he knows how hard it can be. (though I gotta say having an 8 year old lesbian daughter must be hard given he lives in Mass where there are so many Catholics)

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Genetically, yes most people are either male or female when born. Sex is complicated and has multiple components to it. I say most people are either make or female because some people get strange sex chromosome combos, like XXY or XYY where the borders are more hazy.

talked to my GFs biology professor, he says recent research has indicted that many transgender people who have undergone testing have an ‘odd’ shaped X or Y chromosome, that many transgender individuals who were born male have a slightly short ‘arm’ on their Y chromosome… and that those born female have a slightly long ‘leg’ on their second X chromosome…but it is inconclusive because the group doing the testing failed to use a control group of non transgender people…

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