Bioidentical Hormone Therapy - HELP


Has anyone gone on bioidentical hormone therapy to boost their low hormones? I am one week in and whilst some symptoms have gotten better, that is negative symptoms, my anhedonia is horrendous. I am suicidal
I know I have low dopamine. Why are the hormones making my symptoms worse? That is my anhedonia. I have the right amount of hormones from a doctor. So it cannot be the dosage. What is it???


Sorry I don’t know the answer to this… hope you can find the answer

The golden rule is to report that your psychiatrist / doctor immediately.

Sorry I didn’t realize you said you were suicidal. I think you should probably tell someone you know so you can stay safe and find a solution pronto. Keep hope I’m sure there’s someone who’s gone through the same thing. anyone?

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I didn’t use bio identical hormones, but I did take estrogen for about 8 years. I had all my female stuff removed. I had no estrogen or progestin. It’s not safe to take hormone therapy for a long time for women because it increases the risk of cancer. But I felt good back when I was on hormones.

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