Binging and I don’t know what to do

I ate carbs today and have had a horrible day with binging. I’m trying so hard not to purge, I can’t believe how much I’ve eaten today it’s like I can’t control myself, can I even call the crisis line about this? Is this a crisis? Trying so hard not to make myself throw up but I’m so scared about how many calories I’ve consumed today.


Yes you can call the crisis line. This might also help


Thanks @Moonbeam Im trying to not purge, I just have such a hard time

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I’ve never barfed after over eating but tonight I had 6 corn dogs and a few glasses sweet tea. I can’t keep doing this. If my weight goes up at all my blood pressure will skyrocket.

I went to the grocery store today and I am happy for all the food I have stored up.

I think it’s worth calling the crisis line to talk with someone.


I know you were on the keto diet, and you were doing well (lost 30 lbs), but you said you felt too restricted.

Do you think you’re eating a lot of carbs as a result of eating so little carbs for so long? You can always return to the keto diet.


I think you’re right

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Trying to wait this out and just go to bed


hope you can get to sleep. tomorrow is a new bright shiny day :slight_smile:
hope you can find balance <3

Made it through the night without purging. Very proud of myself


Yes, you can call the crisis line for this. They may be able to help you calm down


Great work! You’re a champion :trophy::muscle:


I binged then purged today. I feel so defeated

Is it some form of weird self harm? I do that sometimes, only with porn.

I just have to convince myself to not act on impulses. To take control over the brain so to speak. But it’s hard to stay “sober” in the long run, but not impossible. There are millions of other people out there that manage, so why shouldn’t I? At least that’s what I got to tell myself.

It helps to try commit to tasks like watching a program, listening to a album, going for a walk, anything really, only without distractions. That’s my 5 cents.

Sorry to hear that. Don’t beat yourself up about it tho. I know it can be difficult. You’ll overcome this! :heart:

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I blew out a couple blood vessels under my eye. Can’t believe I was so stupid