Bingge eating


It’s midnight,1.30am and I was actually suppose to sleep but I just wake up and ate two packet of popcorn…it happens after I jerk off,I felt hungry then I went down and ate the popcorn,it’s not a serious problem but I won’t wanna repeat it again,I guess it’s not very healthy to be too full before you go to bed,anyway goodnight


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Hm It is a bit unusual as most men just roll over and go to sleep after most sexual encounters. I’m presuming you drank a lot of caffeine during the day and would say that had it’s part.


It’s normal on Psych meds, if you take them at night. Try your bed routine an hour before your PS so it will hit a balance before zombie eat mode kicks in. It sounds like popcorn is your comfort food, and there are a lot worse.