Bills bills and more bills

Bills bills bills.

They came when i was eighteen, although it’s obvious they were there long before that.

They took my mind and i ended up with numerous hospitilizations.

First one, 35,000 dollars.

Second one, 35, 000 dollars.

Third one, which wasn’t due to psychosis but was only my family keeping me under control, 30,000 dollars.

Fourth, also unnessecary, 30,000 dollars.

Pretty bad right?

Funny to me though because i know whats coming. It just so happens that none of us get away with any of it.

Have you considered filing bankruptcy?

I also have about 60k in hospitalizations. It’s looking like I’ll never be able to pay them off and that bankruptcy is the only option.

It’s not pleasant, but that’s what bankruptcy laws were created for.

And don’t feel bad about it. I’m just looking at it as a fresh start.



I understand your frustration. Most of my bills though are educational related. Each time I thought I’d be getting a better job if I went and got a better degree…well that didn’t work out so well for me. I’ve tried putting bills on deferment but they keep calling. Several times a day. Most of the time when I’m home by myself I’ll turn the ringers off on the phones so I don’t have to hear them all day. It gets me very depressed.

Doesn’t medicaid and medicare pay for your hospitalizations?