Bill MacPhee reviews my book

[Bill MacPhee’s new blog][1]

I was honored to have Bill MacPhee read and review my book


This is pretty cool - good for you @locamotion, congratulations! :smiley:

Hi - Can you check that link again - I don’t think it works (It didn’t for me) - and post again.

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so sorry…I had to open it at You Tube and not my email. here is the new improved link:[The Blog by Bill MacPhee ]

[New Link to Bill MacPhee’s blog][1]

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ok this last link is the one that works…sorry for all of the errors

Wow it was a good review - You should be very proud of yourself. Much success with the new book!

Thanks Wave! That’s the remark everyone makes after reading my book “I couldn’t put it down” — it’s nice to hear that.

@locamotion is your book available on Amazon?
I would like to order it

Yes, it is on Amazon. Search for

Cynthia Lott Vogel Treasures from Darkness

Sorry I’m using a Kindle Fire and I’m struggling with it.

I can also order it on my iphone/books thanks -

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Here it is:


Congrats!! That’s awesome!! I wish you tons of success with the book. :sun_with_face:

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**That`s wonderful! Way to go! :smiley: **

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Thank you all for the positive remarks. I was initially worried that having written this book would screw up my SSD but I’m allowed to make $1000 a month before there is any problem…I get paid quarterly…and my first quarter’s payment was a big fat $62.00. ! It doesn’t look like there should be any issue.

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if any of you have bought and read my book, please consider going to to the link above and leave a review of the book. Reviews are the most helpful things and people seem to really hate to write them.