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TOMRV Bike Tour news worth sharing…There were 1,247 riders signed up
this year, up slightly from last year. TOMRV is a popular repeat tour
for many cyclists, but this year an amazing 28% of our riders were
riding TOMRV for the first time. There was one serious bike accident on
the descent from Chestnut (Mtn Ski Resort, Galena - I did 40 mph down
the hill…). A rider’s bicycle picked up a wheel shimmy that he could
not control. He veered off the road and then went over the bars, landing
mostly in a grassy area. He sustained scrapes and a very bruised hip.
His helmet was cracked, but amazingly the bike was unmarked. He is up
and active now, and is planning to ride RAGBRAII in a few weeks. He has a
new helmet and new wheels, and his final advice was “helmets save


that sounds awesome :slight_smile:

are you competing nicehat?

no competition, we get there when we get there :slight_smile: it’s just alot of fun!


i would love to do that, only problem is i have a problem with the seat :bicyclist:

hope you have a really good time :slight_smile:

the secret to the seat is to get bike shoes with clips, and clip pedals, so that the bike is fitted to your body (20 degree bend in the knee with the foot all the way down), plus some good padded bike shorts, with a thick chamois

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So glad to hear that youre feeling well and exercising quite intensely. That makes me smile :smile: the lifestyle works wonders for me, Im glad to see someone else do it too. Exercise does wonders for both the brain and mind.


Do shoes with clips really make that much of a difference? I’ve been putting off adding that too my bike for some years now because of the expense. And I’m nervous if I fall over I won’t be able to unclip fast enough to stop my fall. Do you have aerobars on your bike?

i think the clips and shoes are important because with clips you’re able to use your muscles on the upstroke as well as the downstroke, so utilze you’re entire leg motion to power the bicycle

I don’t have aerobars on my bike, no.

everyone falls over at least once, it’s not that big of deal, just takes practice.