Biggest regrets

Not getting my social hangups adressed earlier in life… Spent way too much time being incredibly cautious with people.

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Regrets… the biggest… fighting my family on getting clean and sober… If I could have kicked drugs and alcohol out of my life sooner… or never let it in…

I very much regret my attempt to leave this life… how abusive I was when I was young and angry…

Now that I think about it… There are a lot of them.

I guess I make my reconciliation with myself by using this opportunity to become a better person… find peace with myself.

Also as I’m healing, I hope I can help others in my family heal as well.

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I regret taking Mescaline during my first year in college - this triggered my psychosis - full blown

That one indeed.

the darkness inside of my soul… you?
sorry @BarkingDog … (i always hold different standards to others then to myself) but Barking Dog, you are wonderful. feeling regret and remorse is always a sign that you are a good person. we all feel regret sometimes but we as Sz have to realize that we go though much more then the average person and are pushed by some unknown force way more as well. we have to sacrifice much more of our personal lives and challenge ourselves much more than any normal person can possibly imagine. Chin up ok?

I’m with crimby, I have many regrets that eat me up. getting ready to change my meds to acclimate to it. Keeps me weak and sobby.

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yes. life is messy , keep head(s) up (no pun intended)

I regret nothing, the only bad things I did were whilst insane.

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[quote=“mortimermouse, post:28, topic:25015, full:true”]
I regret nothing, the only bad things I did were whilst insane.
[/quote] good attitude everyone messes up i guess…

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@Bipolar_Bear don’t keep monalisa in nj she might loose all her clothes…
and 4 sure she could be Americas … top super model…lol…

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15 characters…

I think she looks better after.

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I Have No Regrets ,

When I Do Something ,

Whatever Tha ■■■■ It May Be ,

I Already Know It Is For Tha Best ,

So I’ll Say It Again ,


I Mean If I Changed One Moment Of My Lyfe ,

I Wouldn’t Be Hanging Out With My Pup Throo-Out These Stoops Dayze … .

///\\ ///\\ ///\\

not go to the doc sooner, 3 years of delusion, and then i start to get worse