Big shots want their failures

I let vip’s (very important people) scare me until I realized they thrive on other people’s failures.

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It’s a competitive world.

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Horrible attitude. A rising tide lifts all boats. We should be looking for as much success for as many as possible. Society thrives when its members thrive.

Yup. Currently working a lot with a person I beat out for a promotion we both wanted. I’m trying to help her in the areas where she got hammered so she nails it next time. She’s good and I think she’ll get the next one.

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The vip I was thinking of brought me down with invalid criticism. I was teaching music to children and he didn’t like their compositions. His ears were old.

Me and my best friend helped each other succeed in school. I taught him physics and he taught me biology etc Now he finished medschool and is a cardiologist. I failed bcz of sz. He wanted me to get in medschool too.

We studied many times a week together sometimes home sometimes at the library.

Sounds true, but the yachts are rising while the dinghies are running aground.

Trickle-down economics, an economic proposition that reducing taxes on the wealthy and big businesses will stimulate investment in the short term and benefit society in the long term doesn’t work. It doesn’t work because the loss of tax revenue is not exceeded by the wealthy spending more money on non-tradeable services (healthcare, transportation, construction, etc.). So where does the money go? Mostly to tax havens (usually a foreign bank that doesn’t cooperate with the U.S. government). @velociraptor , have you ever been to the Grand Cayman Islands? I have. There are so many banks there I lost count.

Thus, how do we lift all boats? I think the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (a monetary measure of the market value of all goods and services within a certain amount of time) is the best indicator of how all economic classes are doing. To increase the GDP:

  1. Cut taxes on the middle class. They’re the engine that drives the economy (they do spend money on goods and services)

  2. Invest in non-tradeable services

  3. Invest in small businesses, especially innovative startups

Finally (this reply is too long), yes, I’m a capitalist. Yes, I believe in a meritocracy. This is solely about lifting all boats.


I’m a motor boatin son of a betch

wedding crashers


i wonder how good these “big shots” actually are? in proffessional baseball they have something called “wins above replacement level” which attempts to measure how much better a high paid player is than a minor leaguer or replacement player who is much cheaper. anyhow i suspect all the “big wigs” get together and decide they are just so much more valuable than the rest of us. hype, i say, many qualified people can do what they do if only given the opportunity.

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