Big Jon in this

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Big Jon ----my new nickname


@far_cry0 what do you think about Big Jon instead of chew???


Its better big jon …i like it …tho chew was easy to spell …

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@Goyankees I prefer chew.


@Goyankees Where are the lyrics ? just kidding
I like the song

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I’m only 5’6 so it’s meant to be somewhat ironic!!! I make up for my lack of height in other ways of size. Like being grand!

I think its perfect

I should’ve thought about it earlier, but there’s another rapper named Big Sean, but who cares?? :blush:

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Ass ass ass ass …!!!

he used to be good!!! but now not so much

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That was one of sean song …am i right biggie jon…!!!

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what do you mean?

Sean John is p-diddy

I’m Big Jon

then theres
Big sean
and biggie smalls


@Goyankees I don’t think you should be tall

It’s hard to spell Big Jon, lol?


I was talking about this…

Ass ass ass ass …

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