Biddeli dee i see gobbledygook

Biddelli dee, i see:

Wish a jipper japper, gibberish,
Gobbledygook kooks, me too?
Ohh, la, la, Oh, la, la
Diddledoo said who?
Puddle di waddle du di doo
Sense no senso nonsense
Ohh, la, la Oh la la.
Luny lany Oh, so tense.

Please post a poem if your heart is full of nonsense.
Im a bit bored, Need more nonsense in this world.


I like the first stanza the best. I like where it talks about the futility of war and the decay of the caste system in Canada.


Thanks, it’s more difficult to make a no sense / nonsense poem than i thought it would be, especially because im danish.

But youre right, the first stanza is better than the rest.

Here is the master of nonsense performed by someone i don’t know

I wonder if he actually rehearses or something

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An this is the first verse of the poem in the video by Kurt Schwitters:

Fümms bö wö tää zää Uu,
kwii Ee.
dll rrrrr beeeee bö
dll rrrrr beeeee bö fümms bö, (
rrrrr beeeee bö fümms bö wö,
beeeee bö fümms bö wö tää,
bö fümms bö wö tää zää,
fümms bö wö tää zää Uu

No i think he is trying to express something about chaos

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And this is a famous danish gibberish/ sound poem from 1917, i like the verse " Seiokronto prafliplo":


Das große Lalula

Kroklokwafzi? Semememi!
Seiokrontro – prafriplo:
Bifzi, bafzi; hulalemi:
quasti basti bo…
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Hontraruru miromente
zasku zes rü rü?
Entepente, leiolente
klekwapufzi lü?
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

Simarar kos malzipempu
silzuzankunkrei (;)!
Marjomar dos: Quempu Lempu
Siri Suri Sei !
Lalu lalu lalu lalu la!

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Wow it really sounds like something is being conveyed in some mysterious language especially with the exclamation marks lol. I like it.

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Me too, i don’t think it means something, it’s just pure joy of sounds.

Scholars says it’s conveying the meaningless situation after the first world war.

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I’ll play.

skllamm to maska
to basa de macha
strimmm to dupe te masa de tupe
klapcha depasa
adarim se dim to chim

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I think you won this round, @schizoidman
Especially the first line

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My favourite nonsensical poem is:

Roses are red
My name is Dave
this poem makes no sense

My dad used to tell me a Danish gibberish poem when I was a kid:
Ooen dooen deen
mama futte fen
futte fen
mama den
ooen dooen deen


There’s also the nonsensical poem they taught me when I lived in Norway:
Ole dole doff
kinkeliane koff
kinkeliane birkebane
ole dole doff

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Excellent nonsense @Pikasaur

Since you can speak the scandinavian tongue, you might enjoy this danish nonsense poem from 1918.
(the author makes fun of the avantgarde / artist nonsense poems that were popular at that time, like in the video i posted)

“Se, solen går ned i et kogende hav
af prinsessesuppe og vælling,
den blå elefant i sin fætters trapez
spiser kommenskringler på tælling.
Men gråspurven farver sit fuldskæg grønt
i kartofler og apollinaris,
bag Bredgade løber Holmens Kaal,
der svømmer på ryggen Prins Paris.”

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Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?
Yes! Mairzy doats and dozy doats and liddle lamzy divey
A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?

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Of course i would @77nick77 :smile:

I like the way you repeats line 2 and 4.

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goobledigook squeabledeedook
fakalaka makasakka
schmeranan sananatannn……

rambledeedan tanntann!


that was pretty fun to do.

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Thanks dear @anon90843118

And i have to agree: squeabledeedook :grin: is just what i need.

It’s hard to write good nonsense,

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