Bicycling is great, good also for mind

I ride my bicycle during all seasons (4) of the year, it is good exercising, gets fresh air, good for my mind too, when I ride my bicycle it somehow feels that my mind is empty and I do not have f.ex. negative thoughts. In the winters I must dress warmly, in this winter I have not yet been wearing a wool shirt under my another winter jacket neither I have been wearing my very warm, Canadian Goose jacket. I like my little town because we have good bicycling paths, also maintained in the winters. In addition I like being outdoors a lot.


I have also this type of winter face mask that I have not needed to wear because it has not been yet so cold.


Whats the tempurature out there mjseu…!!!

In the morning it was -10 celsius, some people are saying it gets colder shortly … let’s see what happens, I am ok with colder temperatures.

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I cant survive in that kind of weather man…!!! What are u doing now…??

I am here on the forum.

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Okay have u had ur lunch mjseu… or are u cooking dinner…!!!

I ate already, just took my meds, just being here on the forum.

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Proly 4 o clock there in the finland right mjseu…!!!

time 18:00 151515151

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Okay may be u should preparing for the dinner mjseu…??? Do u have ac inside ur room mj…???

I just said that I ate already …

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Haha u ate it already u are super fast… we usually eat dinner at 8.00pm … okay i am sure its hot inside the room and ur watching tv right…!! Mj

I think bicycling is a great sport or pastime. I only have a Schwinn Adult triangle right now, we got it as a gift so I could use it to bring groceries home from the local store. I prefer a real 2-wheeled bike, but I don’t have the funds to buy one right now.

I have a face mask like that too. Only mine is black. I used to wear it when I was walking outdoors every day. It came in handy in Nebraska winters.

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