Biblical shame is an antiquated reason for clothing

Reasons include the weather, wild animals, rough foliage, sunshine, and don’t forget, space travel and different air pressures. And, pockets are handy.

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Speak for your own gender. Women’s clothing only technically has pockets. Try fitting more than a baby carrot in there. I dare you.

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Yes, they are ladies’ pockets.

My clothing is indicative of my age. Most of my pants have good sized pockets. I’m not familiar with what you young kids are wearing.

Wha? Depends on what style of clothing. Most of the girls I’ve known have plenty of pocket space unless they are wearing a dress.
And, there is also the purse aka, pocketbook in case the clothing doesnt have pockets. :slight_smile:

Is that why purses are so big? I swear, my sisters purse is bigger then her swim gear bag.

My sis and her friends are Steampunk. I have no idea how they stand it. Longer skirts with a bit ankle showing, corsets and long sleeves. Let’s not forget those shoes that button up. Very 1920.
But yeah, this is what I see the hip kids of today wearing…

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what does your title mean?

What do you mean by title?

what do you think? it doesnt make sense!!!

only thing i understood was clothing (probably bc i’m not very smart)

Cultures not exposed to the bible wear clothes. A wonderful assortment of them.

i think she is talking about adam and eve you know with the fig leaf and that,

i dont think we wear clothes because we are ashamed of our bodies, we wear them to cover our modesty and to keep warm and i dont see anything wrong with that (unless you are a nudist) lol

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There’s not a race or tribe of people in the world that goes about completely naked.

And the farther from the equator - the more clothes people wear.

Maybe there was a very old prehistoric time when all people were in the same place that the adam + eve story originated - something like Atlantis The continents did used to be one land mass.

Even in warmer climates clothing is worn to protect from sunburn and/or insect bites

Yes, I was referring to the Adam and Eve story.

Where do they shop? I’ve got things out of C’s pockets before. You could fit a five pound bag of gummie bears in there.

This will answer a lot of questions for you.