Beyonce got some serious fangs

see this video at 2:06. ps: its not a delussion!
i dont think its a put on hiphop grill
its more like reversed vampire and thus ogre theeth

and here is the video: skip to 2:06

fang-tastic lol thats all i can say

except she’s not my type lol

What you doing fascinated about Beyonce’s grill? That is what it is, resemblance of a vampire. Makes her look scary in a hip hop way. Three Six Mafia always wore vampire grills. Juicy J for example.

She was and is and never will be my type

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i just had a dream about a zombie apocolapse,

just thought i’d mention it.

i just read my dream dictionary about this and it says my negative ways are hindering my growth lol and a desire to change and start a fresh lol ‘its pretty amazing really what happens in the subconscious’, its like god is trying to talk to me in his own unique way and i love the attention,

it was weird tho because altho we were getting attacked by zombies i was still fighting for my life but this zombie just would not stop, i tried to stop him but it just kept coming at me and it was like it was smiling as if to say ‘i’m going to have you’ lol but it wasnt really a nightmare either. a bit weird really.