Between normal and not normal

The real world is normal, so to speak.

Physical abuse, emotional abuse, overwhelming stress, extraordinary experience, paranormal experience may make the person feels he or she is not normal.

When he or she keeps these feeling or thinking to himself or herself, it means he or she draws a line between his or her world (not normal) and the real world (normal).

People, get out of it.


until they learn what they experienced is more the norm than not.

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Yes. To see it happening is one thing, but to experience it is another thing.

The more I hear of the weird things people do, the more normal I think I am

Goes back to his whipped cream


I don’t know what to think anymore.
I think i’m somewhere in the middle of normal and not normal :smile:

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It is totally different for being a victim.

sometimes society prevents people from sharing feelings. incidents are damaging enough, but then to realize that nobody cares is the worst part.

but maybe i’m wrong. those victims should just get out of it.
a victim of some random drunk dude who had his way should simply get out of it. so what if he gave you his HIV/AIDS. so what if nobody wants to hear about the night when you were beaten up and impregnated, nor about how your decade-long partner pressured you into aborting your baby and then left you soon afterwards because he no longer felt safe around you with the disease. so what if the incident left you paranoid about being near men.

oh well. too bad.
get out of it. let’s date

Staying in tune with the world someone has come to know as opposed to the “real world” is how some cope with trauma and had no one to help them get supported and validated.
Fantasy worlds are often more alleviating as opposed to the reality where some have gotten hurt, as if a victim would like to live in touch with the very thing that’s traumatized them.
I’ve been stuck in my own world for so long, I have no clue what’s the “real world” or I just don’t feel in touch with it.