Better to let go then make amends sometimes

I sometimes have a desire to message that girl and say. "I think we owe both each other an apology. So I’m sorry. If you want to apologize back then I’m totally willing to accept your apology. But you don’t have to. ". But then I think it’s better to just let go. I really don’t like her anymore. She made a vlog and she’s become a narcissistic alcoholic. I wouldn’t date her in the current state she’s in. I know it sounds desperate but if she went to Aa or something I’d consider dating her but that’s the only way. So in other words I should forget she ever existed.


Its hard but it really is the best solution sometimes.

Actually I just recently tried to reopen a dialogue with someone and she didn’t just reject me but also tried to add some insults too (trying to goad me while pretending she moved on). Basically said I only imagined that she was being negative towards me. I had a lot to say but it went ignored and got no responses back. It left me restless for awhile and feeling really negative. After awhile I realized it was worth trying at least and best to forget it.

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Yeah don’t bother I said sorry to my soulmate and she mugged me right off I regret that now

maybe I should date her.

I don’t get off on women though.

I tend to send a million emails and texts for weeks, and then really regret it. I keep thinking of something I should have said. It is like a compulsion. The texts and emails are never abuse or insulting, just trying to explain the scenario in a million different ways. It never has a good ending. Definitely the best thing is to let it go, well for me anyway.

Yeah it’s been too long for me.

No offense, but I doubt she is terribly worried about it. Apologizing to someone only because you want an apology back is disingenuous.

Well I wasn’t gonna do it