Better sex if one is not married

Or is it better to get married like cattle.

I don’t think people have to be married. For me, I need to have some trust and affection towards the person.

I tried quick and empty when I was younger, it never worked out well.

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I like feeling a genuine attraction. It seems to me that that’s when marrieds start cutting you off. Social pressure to have a married headache for life.


I think its better to be married, because marriage is a commitment framework for sex. Fornication and adultery is not good, especially if there are children coming out of the union - they need a stable home with parents committed to each other.

you can be committed without marriage. You don’t need to sign a piece of paper to prove that. Trust is most important.

I think if you love the person it doesn’t matter if you’re married. You should also be careful and use condoms, birth control, and you should both get tested. When you love a person you are going to have fun together. There are loveless marriages, so marriage doesn’t mean everything. I’ve done flings before though, and they just left me feeling used. It’s better to be in a loving relationship with the other person. Just my experience. :sunny: