Beta blockers

What do they do? Side effects?

A beta-blocker is a voltage regulator for the heart. It slows it down and lowers the blood pressure. It also has the added benefit of, when it comes to psych meds, reducing tremors and sometimes performance anxiety. I’ve heard stories (can’t verify their veracity) of surgeons using them to keep their hands under fine control.


I’m on a ton of propranolol like enough to knock a normie out when they stand up. What Greg said was all I could say- they were originally abused by musicians to combat stage fright. They would take random pills and they were like whoa dude no stage fright after those dark yellow pills like whoa dude get more or them

I think they might help with my weird heart twinges. But I’m scared of adding more pills to my life :fries:

they are considered doping, an illegal substance in sports like shooting and darts. This is because of their ability to stop trembling hands.

I am on a Beta Blocker for my high blood pressure - not Inderal.
Kind of realizing that the drug Im on affects the heart rhythm - slowing down the heart rate

I had propanolol for migraines. It helped but I could not do any physical activities that required upped heartrate, like running. My bpm was 60. Period. No matter what I did.