Beta blocker helps social anxiety and anxiety and little depression

Hi, here a quick update about the beta blocker that i’m taking, it has improved my concentration

The med is called: Nobiten 5 mg an internist prescribed a half a pill and my concentration is better with the negative symptoms

i am also relaxed, but my heart is in problems but the med has restored everything i have more energy.

not cured from schizo dont get me wrong… i wish

The medication has saved my life: Nobiten 5 mg (half a pill) by doctor

it is helping with some schizo symptoms… any ideas? im 33 years old

My Nurser Specialist recently prescribed a Beta Blocker for me. But I don’t know how to use it . . .

I have some anxiety. The most troublesome time is when driving a car I sometimes get anxious and can no longer drive. I have to pull over and wait, sometimes waiting a long time.


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I’m on one, @Jayster. Take it before bedtime, or at a time when it won’t matter if you are groggy or take a nap - it will make you very sleepy if you aren’t used to it. I take mine daily. If it’s a prn, I’m not much help to you.


I play piano and I get performance anxiety before performing for a lesson. I take the beta blocker, Inderal. It quells my anxiety about 90 minutes after taking it. Seems to work really well.

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I take Toprol XL for high blood pressure.
It also helps with my Rapid heartbeat and anxiety.

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