Best way to meet people whilst on holiday?

I’m not really into music venues/night life or crowded places

I might be in the USA in jan or feb.

Just want to make new friends.

Idk if this will be a solo travel or not. (Likely going with pops)

I wish I had friends to travel with.

Also not gonna use friend meet up apps in case there’s an axe murderer on the other end xD

Maybe I could find some clubs whilst there. Going for a month or longer.

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Why would I want to do something like that? The point of a holiday is to enjoy myself.

Where in the US are you goin

If you want to meet people you could do group travel or do local guided tours.

That way you are forced to socialize.


Wanted San Diego but thinking sun sets too early cos it’s in the northern hemisphere.

Thinking New Zealand now but not looking forward to the jet lag

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