Best vacation for people in this forum

Home. In bed with my laptop. Order in hot wings and veggie pizza.


Tokyo/Japan-in general is the best place in the world for me, I think nothing will ever beat it. Otherwise it’s a toss up between the island Corsica, Bruges in Belgium, Aberdeen in Scotland, London or Copenhagen in Denmark during summer.

I want to go to Japan! :grinning:

Hawaii seems nice.

I like hotels. Could be anywhere in the world.

Hey, I live in South Korea! Did you like visiting Korea?
You should come again- there’s fine dust right now, but it’s a great place to travel.

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I want to visit Rome someday, it would be amazing to see the great architecture and paintings there!

A two year long meander through Europe, through the countryside and the major attractions.

Yea it was really beautiful country where we stayed !
We went to this mountainside place it was relaxing and I especially loved the kimchi and fresh air there. I would love to visit again.

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Best vacation: I drive to a new town, where nobody knows me. I use a fake name, and make up a ridiculously bland backstory and get a job working in a boring office. I talk about my totally normal family who all love and support me, and say things like “Working hard, or hardly working!” and “Mondays, amirite?!” I live there for a few weeks, and make friends who all think I’m a totally normal person. I get to pretend I’m a regular human being for a while.

Alternatively: I rent out a private island resort. The whole resort. I pay for all my friends to take time off and fly out and we spend a week lounging on the beach and going parasailing and try those water jetpack things. We have every meal catered, and there are no bugs anywhere. Coconuts are everywhere, and also there’s an awesome roller coaster that we can ride whenever. Every night, a different Harry Potter movie plays on a big blow-up screen on the beach and we stay up until 4 AM analyzing the differences between the movies and books. We play ridiculous games, like resort-wide laser tag and hide-and-seek-using-GPS-trackers.

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That’s lovely! Usually the hillsides have fresh air; people like me in the cities (Bundang) have trouble with the air right now because of all the fine dust…welp.
I love kimchi, too. It’s my staple food and it apparently appears in every single meal in Korean cuisine. If you love Kimchi, you should try kimchi-bokumbab (김치복음밥), which is basically stir-fried rice and kimchi.

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Ooh sounds interesting I haven’t had that before.
I’ll have to give it a go if I see it :slight_smile:
Ah I’m sorry bout the air quality let’s hope it gets better soon

Tell me about it.

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I’ve been to a bunch of places.

It is more of a religious things so it was listening to several sermons and doing meditation type of things and going on walks in nature. It’s nice to be so far away in such different culture with people that u know.

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I thought South Korea didn’t have a religion?

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Think it’s north Korea, The communist one.

What was the religion if you don’t mind me asking?

A branch of Christianity.

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