Best trick to cure day to day depression?

Best trick to cure day to day depression ?
Any way to do so ?

Sleep. 151515151515

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Is it seasonal depression? Or is it situational or all year? It depends. If you’ve gone all year depressed, you should probably be on medication because the brain chemicals are unbalanced. I was depressed for 2 years before starting Cymbalta and within 6 -7 months I started to feel better. I was waking up, without the dread. The constant fatigue is gone and my moods are leveled out. So I would suggest speaking with your pdoc about what treatment you may need. Some people try a whole different direction to help the depression, but this is what helped me.

It is during night depression
A depression for no reason or may be the reason I don’t like sleep that much

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Hmm… Your brain is actually quite busy while you sleep , sorting and storing information from the day. One thing that helps me get to sleep is sleep focusing exercises. Like how to focus on one body part at a time, to let your brain know, you’re winding down and are ready for sleep. There is an app for that too. They help you focus on shutting down. It’s relaxing and helps you focus on winding down.

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Avoid naps during the day so you can get good sleep at night. Staying late at night is the reason for night time depression so be in bed at least before 12.

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Get a pet. 1515151515


Be in nature. Walk in the park or on the beach or in a forest. Look at the stars or the clouds. Visit a zoo or animal sanctuary. Get a pet. Do gardening. Birdwatch.

Anything in nature that you like and that soothes you. :blush::seedling::sunflower::cat2:

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