Best Schizophrenia Treatment Center in the US?


Sorry for posting many, but since the schizophrenia treatment in my country is really bad, I was looking for advice regarding a center for treating schizophrenia in the US? Preferably in a main city like New York for example. I’m looking for a holistic approach to treating schizophrenia that includes not just medication, but also counseling, nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

Thanks ahead

Delaware actually has a really nice program for people under 21, I have a full team with occupational therapist, nurse practitioner, clinician, employment specialist, somebody who does the medication, its all free too

I’m not under 21 and not a US citizen. Which state is Delaware?

It’s next to Maryland below new Jersey. It’s a really small hicktown p.o.s.

I need a big center for treating schizophrenia that takes a holistic approach to the illness. not just medications, but also nutrition advice, lifestyle adjustments…etc I say nutrition cause when you eat, you release dopamine which affects schizophrenia’s symptoms. I also found caffeine to badly affect my mood and schizophrenia symptoms.

I’m guessing the McLean hospital that is affiliated with Harvard but I honestly have no idea.

Well sounds expensive. I’ll call them tomorrow to check them out.

“best” is always subjective - and “best” may also be most expensive… But I’ve heard great things about these groups: And it also depends what you want / need. The smaller centers are much more personalized - but also much more expensive.

Smaller residential programs: (this one has an excellent reputation - very wholistic I think)

and old, but still probably pretty accurate:

Yes, caffeine will most definitely do so. Be careful with caffeine.

It’s all about finding balance in life, being off kilter will worsen your symptoms, but if you find balance it will help give your mind the space to heal.

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