Best sandwich in town

Today we are showing off our classic Reuben


I am salivating…man, that looks good I hope you have thousand island dressing on that…

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Yucky, I can’t stand sauerkraut.

Looks great ! Excellent photo too !

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I make a sweet german kraut for my reuben’s…patty melt provolone cheese and fresh corned beef…oh man I need this soooo bad…haha…dreamer…silly little dreammmmmer…haha

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great photo @DrZen


That looks divine. I’d gobble it up so fast I don’t know wh…

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Yeah, I wish I had one right now.

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Looks delish @DrZen!

I like a good Reuben with sour sauerkraut, as opposed to the more bland sauerkraut. Yum!

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Love Reuben.

Good choice Doctor!

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