Best place to live

where is the best place to live, for a person with a mental illness

i plan on moving, i like the sea, so a place on the coast is good

i can choose a big city or smaller town

the way i see it right now, a city has more anonymity but higher rates of crime. a town has lower rates of crime but everyone knows everyone else’s business… which i don’t like.

any thoughts? anyone with experience of living in both?

What country? Do you drive? Do you work?

I’ve lived rural, in a small town, and in a big city. I like the big city best, but it’s way more expensive. I would never live rural again.

i’m in the uk led, i don’t drive and not working either.

i hope to be working in the near future… if i get some $ from a project i’m working on.

I’ve lived in both but prefer rural because I get lost in a city. I also don’t like driving in a city.

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I’m no help in the UK. But living near public transit and affordable housing are the two things I look for most.


you were some help :slight_smile:

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I recommend Panama.

You can have a nice lifestyle for $1K a month.

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no, i’ll move to a seaside resort, or a coastal city such as liverpool.

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Liverpool is a really nice place!

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Lmao, you northerners!

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Have you ever even been up north? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I live in Québec city. It as an very low crime rate and the lowest unemployment rate in Canada. The city is by the Saint-Laurent River, near the sea, surrounded by forests, and it is quite small (population of about 800 000) but I don’t feel at all like everyone knows everyone’s business! It seems to me to be the best city where you can live. But everybody here speak French.

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it sounds great anubis. i can only go to a city in my country, just looking for the best place to go. i should leave here, my neighbours don’t like me. they think i’m weird but they are the weird ones :slight_smile:

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I’m a city girl all the way. I like the anonymity and the culture of the city. My city is high crime, but, I live in a good area of the city. And my building has high security so, I don’t worry so much.

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Hull in Yorkshire, an experience I’d care not repeat!

i’m curious, what was your experience?

The place used to have a high rate of burglary and intravenous drug use…

The weather was shite, at least beverley was nice!

that’s rough jh… sounds like hell itself