Best meds for negative symptoms?

Can anyone give me your experiences with what meds work the best for the negative symptoms

For me. I have not found any yet. Welcome to the forum. :owl::owl::owl:

I have only had success with stims, but they are not a popular treatment.

Modafinil maybe buspar

Latuda and Wellbutrin.

Fish oil 6897532

For me Buspar helps with positive symptoms. :zebra::zebra::zebra:

Thank you for the responses. This is for my 19 year old son. I will talk with his Dr

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Oh okay. Yeah there is not much for negative symptoms. Plenty for positive symptoms though. :bird::bird::bird:

do you know what the difference is between modafinil and armodafinil? which one is better? im going to be trying one in a few weeks likely.

I have done well with Concerta. However, it is not for everyone and I don’t know if a lot of doctors will feel comfortable prescribing it for this purpose.

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