Best med for paranoia?

What do you think is the best med for paranoia?

You mean anti psychotics wise?

Distractions are really important to controlling paranoia as well.

Latuda has always been good to me but it stopped working after 5 years.

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The best med to me is Clozapine. :frog::frog::frog:

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Abilify had helped me with my paranoia

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Abilify made me extremely anxious and paranoid,

Klonopin fixed it.

Its not the most popular opinion to promote a benzo,

But it worked wonders for me.

I take one .5mg in the morning and I’m not looking out my windows constantly,

I mean, I still look, just that panicky feeling is less.


I like Lorazepam too. :sandwich::sandwich::sandwich:

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Seroquel helps me about 50% of the time
I thinks that about as good as I will ever be


As @goldenrex stated, clonazepam, or any other type of benzo for that matter, helps with paranoia.

The withdrawal is something different, but if used in moderation it could tremendously benefit a SZ patient.

I always have a stack on hand just in case things go south.


Vraylar is very good but is a hard med to get on and stay on.
Rexulti stopped my paranoia at 2mg, half the maximum 4mg dose.
Plus it kills depression.

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Benzos do nothing for my paranoia. Olanzapine has kept it in hand for 4 years

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The only thing that helped were benzodiazepines. Unfortunately I spent 5 years severely paranoid before I tried them.

I tried them by accident. I was paranoid as hell one night and I was sitting up in bed and couldn’t sleep. I hadn’t slept in days. My wife tried shoving a Xanax in my mouth and I thought she was working for the government and I was going to fail a drug test but I was desperate and swallowed the Xanax.

I calmed down and slept like a baby that night.

The next day I went to urgent care to get a prescription for them. They would only give me 5 pills so I got in to see my PDoc and got a script. Been taking them ever since.

I think they are a wonder drug and I am pissed that my psychiatrists never tried me on them before.

My wife has social anxiety and takes .5 mg of Xanax 3 times a day. She can’t talk on the phone or leave the house without one. That was why she drank so much before she was medicated.

I take only .25 mg once a day and it works fine for me.

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For me, it was the combination of Risperdal Consta, Geodon and Seroquel that did the trick.

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The county mental health I go to doesn’t allow benzos. Otherwise I’d try them.

Wow. How much do you take of each?

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Invega 234mg shot can take paranoi away

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Risperdal Consta 37.5 mg injection.
Geodon 240 mg by mouth.
Seroquel 200 mg by mouth.

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I tried Xanax. Too strong for my taste. Always preferred Clonazepam

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That’s a lot. Maybe I should try 2 meds at once and see if that helps.

@Cindy10 how did you avoid weight gain on Seroquel?

Ex-lax. You can flush all your troubles away. Get a fresh new start.

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