Best love story of all time

I don’t have girlfriend :angry:

Can you install girlfriend for me please

I am getting mad of not having girlfriend

You need to learn patience and acceptance.

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Acceptance bulshit crap :poop:

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Patience for what ?

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You need to chill out about it and stop looking, it will come when you least expect it, never have I found myself in a relationship when I’ve specifically been looking for one. It’s always under circumstances or fate. Get yourself out into the world.

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People can sense desperation and its not sexy.

You need to relax about this girlfriend thing or get used to being alone.


Waiting for some woman to approach you… :thinking: it doesn’t sound like the best option to me.

If you are white you can go after mexican/latina girls, they love white guys and are very sweet :grin:

Don’t lose hope!

I have a terrible cold and need to take something for it.

Me and my Atari 2600 at age 13.


desparation is awesome

Yeah wanting a girlfriend it means you a desperate thanks

I think you should relax and look for someone who will take the time to get to know you. Look for a relationship that’s good for both partners or else it won’t last. I don’t really know much about dating to be honest, but find the right person.

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Don’t mind her, she has beef with everyone

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Sexy princess :smile:

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