Best job for a schizophrenic?

My physiotherapy degree is useless bcz I think having a sz diagnosis here makes me invalid in health jobs.

If Vraylar fixes my negative symptoms, I am thinking about IT. I started UI Path robotics free online courses, they give you a degree and you can easily work and teach with it. Anyone studied UI Path IT Academy?


I did part of the course while on Abilify. My brother is an IT, he’s working in a big IT company here and makes 100K/year.

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I did 27% of the course already.

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I tired working in an important IT job.

Lasted in the same company for 6 years with 4 promotions.

In the end the anxiety and stress of having to deal with the new people/owners was just too much

Now I am self-employed. I have the power over my own work. I think that’s important to not answer to anyone. Office politics got me in the end. Would have been fine if I could work remotely.


I don’t know yet how I will react to Vraylar, I am just preparing in case that it works on my negative symptoms. Another option is to work in accounting at my mother’s accounting office, the boss knows me and knows my mother well, we’re friends. I used to work there with accounting softwares and sometimes fix their computers.

This sounds perfect. I had a similar deal, and these people will be the only ones who will look out for you in the workplace.

My problem was that was what I signed up for, but it changed


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I would choose a job where I can work from home because commuting and stress of being in workplace following others rules and performance anxiety would be too difficult for me to cope with.


I think for me its easier to work with my mother, I am ok with her friends at work.

When do u think vraylar going to come here or when u can get it?

I called them before yesterday, they said end of this year.

No way yess that’s good

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But I don’t think it will be covered by insurance at first.

Even that benefit if ur under like 25 or something like that?

I don’t think it will be covered by anything at first. I hope it won’t cost 1000+, I would get it if its 100-200.

My Abilify and Latuda were 60$/month each.

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But isn’t 100-200 expensive per month??

My Abilify without insurance was 150$/month, my parents helped me pay it but it was just one month until my insurance application got accepted. Its worth it for me bcz I think it will treat my severe negative symptoms like Abilify but without addiction and hypersexuality side effects. Abilify, Rexulti and Vraylar work differently than all other antipsychotics.

I see thank u for sharing

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After I was fired, I sold soft drinks and cigarette and ice creams in a kiosk which my parents built for me for several years.

Now, I work for a local company(Bureau) in Shenyang,Liaoning Province, China.

I think sales works are easy for the mentally ill to do.