Best foods for schizophrenia

I seem to like bananas and eggs. I feel more balanced don’t really know the science behind it. I created a topic about appetite suppressants and it has helped me immensely. Just covering all my bases in the food world.

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One man’s meat is another man’s poison.


I try to eat a small banana every day. A few times when I was drinking a lot, I ended up at the ER for feeling unusually sick. Each time I was told my potassium was seriously depleted. They informed me when it was that low I could lose consciousness or even die. They would have me stay overnight with an IV. Even though I rarely drink, what they said had stuck in my brain.
My girlfriend is vegetarian (but not vegan) and eats eggs all the time.

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Yeah I’m a vegetarian as well. Interesting @eighteyedspy23.

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I guess I do consider meat to be poison. I understand though.

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I believe the best diet for anyone with any form of illness, is a vegan, alkaline, starch-free one. If you ever have the time, look up Dr. Sebi.
This man was obese, sick, had various diseases, including paranoid schizophrenia, and was cured by a doctor in Mexico. He went on to help others to do the same.
He has cured people suffering with cancer, lupus, diabetes, blindness, aids, herpes, and much more. He is genuine, and has real proof of this.
The government tried to shut him down for practicing medicine, without a valid license.
He won the case, but eventually they got him, and he died in prison.
His nutrition guide and information is still out there, and it’s probably the best thing one can do for mental illness recovery, along with intensive detoxing of heavy metals and toxins, from the body.
Its a long, strenuous process, but is entirely worth it.


I will look into it @Goodnight_Moon thanks.

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Anytime, I like to help.
This is sort of my area of nerdiness, so if you have any questions, or just want to discuss this topic, you are more than welcome to message me. :sun_with_face:

I’m on the website now. Thanks.

I like the whole plant foods also…I think lots of healthy fats for the brain…nuts and seeds healthy oils.

also i include fish. I’m not sure why but when i was vegan i had voices non-stop. maybe too few amino acids. anyways i now include fish 3 times a week along with my all my veggies


Sounds smart @yaz1

I like to dice an apple in the morning, drop some coconut oil in a pot, let that cook on reeal loww, slice a banana, let that go, and viola. It’s good.


I’ve heard good things about coconut oil. Thanks @DMAdataANDmoodanalysis.

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My mom keeps bringing up the Ketogenic diet.

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I’m not exactly sure what a Ketogenic diet is?

i like fajitas and i recently bought an onion :slight_smile:

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