Best cat toy investment-taco truck scratcher

i bought this at target for $25 and i didnt fully assemble it, there’s no roof, but the floor is a scratch pad! it is AMAZING! my cats love it! they take turns sitting inside it and it is so adorable and you will not regret buying this for your cats! 5/5 stars, cat approved! i also sprinkled cat nip on the scratcher floor and it made my cats like it more!

no this has nothing to do with anything, but im awake and i really thought cat lovers on forum would get a kick out of this! these make for the cutest pictures too


Lol! Charles and Tigger would love that.

Bookmarked the site.


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I live for the day when I can have cute little cats again! They won’t let me have anymore. I’m a cat tragic and dad who I live with isn’t the nicest when it comes to felines. So cute!


Nice! I have a cat named Taco and this would be perfect. :heart_eyes_cat:


I can imagine people looking at you weird lol if you go around screaming taco. That’s so cute. :relaxed::turtle:


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