Best AP injection?

Abilify + cloz doesn’t fully work for me

Crystal, this is really something you need to work out with your pdoc. Everyone responds differently to different meds. What’s best for one person might not work out for another. The only thing you can do is to try different meds if your pdoc is willing to and see how you do on them.


What works for me won’t work for you so work with your Dr.

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Invega Sustenna was really effective, for me, but there were some nasty side effects.

Some side effects I had: no sex drive, constipation, zombie-like (my mouth was frequently hanging open and I look zoned out), very bad heat intolerance, extremely high prolactin levels (which caused milk production), and severe injection site pain (unusual side effect; might have been because I have fibromyalgia).

Ask your psychiatrist at your next appointment.

Personally, I liked the Invega shot back when I had Medicaid. But I don’t have it anymore so I can’t afford it now. I needed the highest dose but that’s ok. Most people hate the Invega shot though I think

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My pdoc is hard to contact

I know there is
Risperdal invega abilify zyprexa and the older clopixol maybe some more

@Crystal-Cotton - Maybe I shouldn’t have shared what I said about Invega Sustenna. Everyone else is right. Meds work differently for everybody.

My experience won’t be your experience. You need to work with your pdoc.

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I see. I just wish the meds worked on the paranoia

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There might be a med that works on your paranoia, but it takes trial and error. You gotta try different meds.

I know trying different meds sucks. Since meds work differently for everybody, you never know what to expect when you switch meds. Sometimes, people try combinations of meds, as one med might work on “X” symptoms, and another med might work on “Y” symptoms.

But don’t give up. I struggled for years, trying to find the right meds. And I finally found a good combo. Hopefully, it won’t take as long for you, but you gotta keep working with your pdoc. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think its the same to go off meds completely

If you go that route, you need to work with your pdoc, just the same. They would need to monitor you closely. You would need to be completely open about any symptoms that arise.

Most people can’t go off meds without ending up in the hospital. If you do want to go off meds, make sure your pdoc is on board and make sure you follow the plan, i.e. the titration down on the meds and such.

Isn’t that the truth! So hard to even get messages and a response from mine here in the UK

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She would never approve of it

Then you need to stay on meds. If she wouldn’t approve of it, it’s probably because you aren’t stable. So it’d be a surefire way to end up hospitalized.

Yes I’m not stable I know

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I’ve honestly lost all hope of getting better

When I messed around with my medication and ended back in hospital, the ward consultant changed everything.
I was put on resperidal consta and it knocked me about. I remember my dad coming to see me, and the first thing he said to me was, what’s up with you?

I didn’t really get it? He was very concerned after 4 months because all I did was sit staring at the floor. Both arms hurt. Every fortnight my cpn came to harpoon my consta and it got to the point where I was begging to come off it. I was asked regarding Palperidone, invega I think in the US.
It may of worked but I listened to others on it and I didn’t want it.

I agreed not to mess with my medication and they gave me oral Risperidone and then titrated me back onto Seroquel.

Maybe if I didn’t listen life may have been better on Palperidone. Who knows?

Good advice, what suits one doesn’t always suit another