Best Antipsychotics


Oh … thanks


How did Seroquel make you feel?


Definitely not Invega it’s a death sentence


The best antipsychotic is the one that works for you.

It’s a cliche, but it’s true.


I had some problems at first with feeling like a zombie. Also had problems at first with sex stuff, (couldn’t feel a thing) but that subsided with time. It helped my crazy intense moods and sleep amazingly though.

Another side effect I thought was interesting was extremely vivid dreams. For example, I would be walking down the street in my dream, look at the stop sign and licence plates, then they would fade from letters and numbers to random symbols. Then I was like ‘oh ■■■■ I’m dreaming lol’ and then I could completely control my dreams, it was awesome.

So for me seroquel helped me with my sleep and moods (also suicidal ideation) however I was pretty zombied out at first and figured out how to lucid dream which was cool as hell (it’s only happened on seroquel too unfortunately, could never figure out how to do it again)

(Note: I’ve heard complaints abouts gaining weight on AP’s however this has never happened to me, on seroquel my weight was the same and didn’t fluctuate)


That’s interesting, I had a lucid dream last night. I was only on Seroquel for a few days. If Latuda doesn’t work out I’ll ask my doc about it.


Risperdal Consta
Hands down.


I’m not schizophrenic, but I do suffer from depression, anxiety, BPD. I’m now on risperdone, it kind of woks. I’m not as anxious as I used to. I go through periods I think. I’ve been on Abilify before and that made my anxiety worse as well. Haldol was too strong and I really think at the time another medication might’ve been better. But yeah, I’d say Zyprexa or Risperidone are two that ppl should try.
I heard that Clozapine is stronger or perhaps it works better when the other typical meds didn’t help. Is this true?


Hey! Did you check with the doctor? What did he say? Please reply.


We only see the doctor once a month where I live, so I’ll have to wait a while before I ask him. They did a stress test on my heart several years ago, and I got a clean bill of health there. I think they did it because they noticed some kind of irregularity in my heartbeat, but they found out it wasn’t serious.


I’ve tried like ten and so far Clozaril is the only one that worked for me (right behind it is Invega Sustena).


Clozaril for me, I was a non-responder to all of the other meds but clozaril worked, which is typical. It has kept me out of the hospital and has relatively few side effects compared to the other drugs.


In experience, invega at a low dose worked amazingly, at a slightly higher dose it was hell, so tired.

Not from experience I hear Abilify and clozapine stand out. However, I’m on Abilify, it’s not good for energy for me but it helps a lot w positive symptoms.


Abilify had the least amount of side effects for me (although I still gained a tonne of weight on an apparently ‘weight neutral’ drug).


Vraylar is the only one I actually really like. If I weren’t on that I’d take Invega though.

I’ve never tried rexulti or clozaril…I think those are the only two


Yes! I am also taking abilify and I don’t remember any side effect. I had some weight loss during the initial titration period and after that it is smooth sailing. That’s why Abilify is called the safest drug.


Taking Invega Sustenna - 234mg monthly injection for the past 8 months. Put a stop to most of my positive symptoms but working in trying to figure out how to deal with the negative symptoms and the side effects. Hopefully lowering the dose will do the trick and I can find a good balance and function a little bit better.


risperidone has worked fine with me.