Best antipsychotic to improve sex drive and libido

hi everyone. as we know antipsychotics cause sexual dysfunction. how to counter it and improve sex life ? what about using other substances like sarcosine? thanks in advance. cheers!!


I use Olanzapine 20 mg and Resperidone 4 mg and Selegiline 20 mg.

Selegiline 20 mg for depression.

Selegiline 5 mg or 10 mg will increase your life span,

in other words longevity

in other words you will live longer time

this dose also improves memory and sperms and sexual activity

but selegiline is a prescription medicine given

for Parkinson disease and Major Depression

Olanzapine 20 mg caused severe weight gain in the past now low amounts of food solved the problem

Olanzapine less than 20 mg caused severe loss of temper or increased aggression

Olanzapine 20 mg is good but it alone is not enough in my case

Resperidone increases prolactin which causes decreased sexual activity

resperidone causes harmonal problems sometimes male breasts

but resperidone 4mg + Olanzapine 20 mg means perfection in my case, no negative life

100 % positive life - positive frame of mind

Selegiline is added advantage

as long as your taking antipsychotics that block your dopamine and other receptors theres nothing that can be done, you will have people here saying natural herbs help them even some saying onions will help you its all bs as far as im concerned, but hey if you want to spend money to try and find out go ahead

i am on arpiprazole 5 mg and prodep 20 mg.prodep is for for depression but i dnt think i have that, want some help for improving sex life.

Some antipsychotics are better with sexual problems. Seroquel, Zyprexa, Clozaril, Geodon, Abilify,…are better. They usually dont cause problems in sexual life. Risperidone, Invega, Amisulpride,…are worse, they often cause sexual problems. It is because they raise prolactin levels.
Antidepressants (SSRI) are very well known for causing sexual problems.

When I was on a really high dose of Geodon I had negative sexual side effects. My doctor prescribed Buspar, which is an anti anxiety drug that is supposed to counter the sexual side effects of other drugs. It didn’t work for me, but I’m a girl, so that may have been a factor.

Abilify, seroquel and maybe clozaril are least likely to interfere with your sexual life.

Abilify and Selegiline can cause death. So I’m reviving this old post. Now, I’m taking Abilify and want to take Selegiline but, I will not take the wonderful drug selegiline because I am already started abilify.

The effect the ssri’s had on me was that they made it much harder to achieve orgasm. That was an advantage in my sexual encounters at the time.

Seroquel improved my sex drive and endurance at a high dose. Give it a try and tell me if it does what you want, we are all individuals.

All Antipsychotics are bad for your sex drive.
Some Antipsychotics are better than others.

Every antipsychotic I’ve been on has outright killed my sexual functioning. I don’t have feelings, I tell people that but they don’t get it. This forum there will be plenty of people who get me.

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I’m not sure if I would use the word “plenty” but I don’t have feelings (emotions), blunted romantic ones, but I still have sex drive, just diminished.