Best advice uve been given

My brother in law said to me “Never turn down free food”…Before that I used to say no out of courtesy to free food. Don’t think I’ve turned down free food since. I think ppl like it when u accept free food. They get more offended about you thinking its courteous to turn down their offerings.

Unless accepting free food makes you gain weight. Best advice is don’t overthink things.

Also, don’t get lost in the sauce-wtv the f that means

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True. But in the context he said it, I was going home and my mom offered me food to take home, for later, and I said “no i’m good” and he said “DONT EVER TURN DOWN FREE FOOD”…so in that context…when its meant for later…don’t turn it down.

he has a super fast metabolism too, ive never seen that guy turn down food in any context though lol.

I turn it down if I’m full, but if its for later, I always accept it now, even If I “hesitate” a little bit.


Never give mean people too much information.

Sounds pretty obvious, unless you live with one.

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