Besides the illness, what aspect of your life do you find most concerning

I’m just wondering what some “sz issues” are. For example would you like to get back to work, get a significant other, move to a different place to live? What aspect of your life most concerns you? For me, the biggest concern in my life right now is finding suitable work. My second biggest concern is my weight.


I’m 56 but I want to do something else with my life. I’ve worked and gone to school for years but now I want to do something with my life even at this age. I want to teach a class or travel or make a difference, I want to leave my mark on the world. IDK. I’ve always attracted and been attracted to a certain type of people. I’ve always mixed with people who do drugs and work unskilled jobs like myself. I want to go to the next level and join the Peace Core or something. Just commit myself to doing something really cool and meaningful in life.


Will 15 years of no schizophrenic symptom after I smoke weed trigger a relapse.

You might want to reach out to your local support group or mental health advocacy. Mine does a lot of work helping prisoners with mi, talking at schools, etc. over here we also have volunteering and some part time jobs with public schools. For example I volunteer today with the speech and debate team and start training next week to be a school tutor. I seem to attract hardworking people when I go out. I rarely mix with drug users.

the illness defines every aspect of me, it even impacts my ability to focus and shift my attention and get interested or involved in different things. this means i often don’t prioritize or pay attention to different things. i just come on the forum and complain about my symptoms and ruminate all day. i don’t have the capacity to be concerned about the right things, or really anything different at all

My biggest issue aside from the SZ things is definitely my weight.
Those around me keep saying they’re worried for my health, and I have to get tested for diabetes regularly because I’m in the danger zone.

Unfortunately, I have PCOS, lack of motivation, and the backbone of a rainworm, so losing weight is really hard.

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Ending up stone cold alone

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My sza symptoms are everything right now. I really want to make it to my birthday April 21 without being in the hospital cuz that would be the longest stretch in a year. I’m trying some cognitive behavioral methods to center myself and keep my symptoms in perspective so I don’t react to them impulsively. I also want to start going for walks when the temp gets above 15 F.

My aging is my next concern.

its not a matter of not wanting to be concerned about the right things for me, its an inability to focus my attention on them. its not a matter of poor discipline or bad habits as therapy would have me believe, i had my priorities straight in summer 2015, in the span of 36 hours everything changed. sz could be compared to a rewiring of the brain. the same can be said about antipsychotics which alter brain function, personality and even thought processes.

i have apathy which makes it hard to get interested in things. i have thought distortion which makes certain unimportant thoughts seem like the center of the universe for me. then i have repetitive thinking and poverty of thought, so these are the only thoughts i have.

Maybe sit down with your therapist to set your priorities or writing everything you think down and try to reflect on things. I do not think therapy will cure all your negative symptoms but it will help you to cope with them and try to live to the best of your ability in spite of them. It also rewires the brain too. It works well for thinking positively and making progress when meds can no longer help. I would say it is a legitimate treatment option.

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