Bereaved Mother's Day

Today is International Bereaved Mother’s Day. For all the moms that have lost children. I personally include dads today, too, because there is no Bereaved Father’s Day.

Thinking of all our forum members that have lost children. :broken_heart::purple_heart::broken_heart:



My son’s name was Tony. He was only 30 when he died of so severe that he decided suicide was the better alternative to life.

Tony loved animals. All animals. Especially cats. He despised bugs. Almost all bugs. I did find a tiny, cute, little green one he could love once.

He was a martial artist. From the time he was 9 years old and started out in Karate, then kickboxing, then Kempo karate, then finally mixed martial arts as an adult and at the end of his life.

Tony loved beautiful Latina women. And they loved him. That is, until he came down with sz, was hospitalized for 9 months, was put on Risperdal, and gained 60 lbs., and no longer looked the same.

Tony worked out hard in martial arts and became very fit physically but he heard girls laughing at him and taunting him. He was a very handsome young man according to everyone so I’m pretty sure it was hallucinations.

I think of him and pray for him every day.


Thankyou, @LED . That was very nice and thoughtful of you :heart:.


God bless Tony.
I’m sorry for your loss @SkinnyMe


I’m sorry for your loss @LED


Thanks. I had a son, Jackson, that didn’t survive birth and then 9 miscarriages. It was a rough road. I’m pretty sure the trauma from all those losses is what triggered my schizophrenia.


@SkinnyMe , I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine your pain

I’m so sorry @LED . How awful.

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Thank you. Mother’s day/Father’s Day season is always really hard on me. I spent ten years being told my babies didn’t count and I wasn’t a real mom because all my babies were dead. I still have a hard time with it even though I have a living child now.


So sorry for you both and anyone else out there too.

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Oh my gosh!!! They actually said that?! They’re so unbelievably rude and ignorant!


It was at church no less. The pastor was handing out flowers to all the mother’s. I went up to get one and he told me I would have to wait until I was a real mom. I was mortified and so so hurt. And he knew about my son and what had happened, so it’s not like he could claim ignorance.

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He is in the wrong business. That’s not a true pastor in my opinion.


dear @LED don’t pay attention to that loser pastor…man, I’m sorry that happened…not the first time I have heard bad things at church…

@SkinnyMe sorry…I lost a dear friend who took his life while delusional too…his name was also Tony.


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