Berberine for weight

Has anyone here tried Berberine for weight loss? Its supposed to be like LTheanine in that its a supplement with an actual effect. It works by reducing blood sugar similar to metformin

Wikipedia says that is a salt.

It might not even give you weight loss and just dry up all your water weight and make you look thinner but you actually aren’t. Just dehydrated.

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Its got great reviews on amazon. Usually 4.5 stars is good. It comes from california poppy, oregon grape and other plants. Its sold for the immune system, blood sugar is a big one, Solaray makes one but id like to try a more potent manufacturer.

And to be fair adderall is also a salt haha that makes you lose weight

Theobroma is another good supplement for energy

Yeah you will definitely look thinner if you lose enough water weight. Humans are 80% water or something like that.

Sounds good. It was on doctor oz so id ask anyway.

You don’t want to lose water weight. And taking advice from a tv is not a good idea.

Neither is from a forum but here we are

So you asked some really unreliable people for weight loss advice?

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That sarcosine ■■■■ didnt work. Ltheanine worked. And berberine works too i was kinda just bringing it up to help people lose a1c points

So why are you giving information on weight loss advice if you know it’s from a bad source?

Its from peer reviewed articles, television, forums and the same reason people use this forum for medication advice to help “support” people i guess. I dont have the money to try it. I mostly just wanted opinions on people who tried it already and lost weight

There are articles on here that I would say are nonsense. There are people on here who lose touch with all reality from time to time.

Loading yourself up on salt is not a good idea. That’s all I’m saying.


Berberine is proven to be an sglt1 inhibitor but i agree with you table salt is not good for you NaCl

That makes it sound like it’s too good to be true.

Your right, maybe just a little weight loss though just like 5 lbs not much. Something that can help a lot of schizophrenics since its antiarryhmic. Sometimes research is faked though so i agree too soon to tell

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