Benztropine makes me feel really strange

I have to take it for my stiff muscles and sore joints. I hate how I feel so I put it off until I have trouble and constant pain in my muscles and start to get joint pain. Any body have a better system? Some times I take muscle relaxers or Tylenol PM at night,. But then I have a little trouble getting up for work.

i take it with out and problems. It def helps with joint pain from my other meds

Messes with my vision and kinda gives me a spacey phsycotic feeling, but yes it works on my muscles, maybe I need to take it everyday until I get used to it. What’s your dosage?

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Apparently it is also effective for tactile hallucinations, like feeling bugs crawling on you.My old roommate was on it and he was a zombie, he slept at good 14 hours a day and slurred is speech, the whole nine yards.

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Propranolol is better in my opinion

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I might try it if it’s not to expensive.