Benzos took me to heaven

Now my mind rests on comfortable cotton inside my skull

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I know the feeling when I used to really need a klonopin in order to relax :pray:

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A much needed break.

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OK an unpopular opinion : benzos are better than weed. Lol

For some people but not for meeee lolllll

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I am high on benzos, haha. My brain is numb, I can’t move easily, my eyes are slow, I can’t talk properly

Oh man. What’d you take and how many mg???

Cuz I never experienced a “high feeling” from Benzos. But know of a lot of people who did. People definitely react differently to it than others.

I take .25 klonopin daily. It’s strictly medicinal for me if you know what I mean.

I took two benzos, 2.5 mg each. 5 mg… It was the only way to calm me down.

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I think one time I got high from Taking my prescription klonopin. It was .5 for 3x a day.

Since klonopin has a long half life. And I took 1.0 mg right before bed. Then took another 1.0 mg when I woke up. And another .5 mg at lunchtime still feeling anxious before class. I was high. It was enjoyable although it brought my paranoia down, I was still kinda paranoid. Had trouble keeping my eyes open in class.

I would’ve enjoyed it more if I didn’t have class.

Now I have a tolerance I doubt I could get high off benzos

Be safe man. If Keep taking them you may “forget” about a week or 2 of your life
So be careful

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Thanks man. 666/999

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