hello. when i ask the doctor for some lorazepam she calls me sensible to ask yet my friend asks and the dr told her off for asking! should i be worried that for me its allowed but for her its not

No why worry that she isn’t you.

Each doctor is different. Some doctors, like my last psychiatrist was very liberal and relaxed when it came to prescribing me Klonopin, she was the one to say I should take it everyday - she knew that I was not an addict or would abuse them or drink alcohol with them - she was right. Other doctors are totally against prescribing benzodiazepines at any cost - My current doctor is also an addiction psychiatrist, she is not ‘crazy’ about me taking Klonopin, but now understands that I do not abuse them - she played it cautious.
I dont know a thing about your friend, but if she has suicidal tendencies, or is an addict or an alcoholic, the acting psychiatrist would be very hesitant to prescribe any kind of benzo - I do not know her situation, maybe the doctor does? Your doctor feels that you would be a good candidate for taking a benzo - she or he has his reasons.
I would focus on your mental health and not worry so much about your friend, unless she is in danger of some sort

i been trying for years to get on benozdiaepines finally 2 months ago i got on them if you take enuff of them you feel clam and dizzy if you mix it with beer it helps and the vioces r so messed up that its ok and my vision so bad that i cant see the spys so it works out